WordPress makes me feel great!


I’m starting to use this kind of stuff since this year, but the account had been created since 2009. I can’t remember why I’d create an account here? =..= and now, me using it, every time i feel lonely, i feel gay ( happy ok, bukan gay sejenis tuh, euu) , i feel sad, i’ll just write on it. kahkahkah

you know, when you are going to use WordPress, they keep on telling you on how many times you have posted your entry, and keep encouraging you on posting it again and again, and again and again * 2PM songs* =p .

They also giving some target on how many you shold post in order to get this and this.. for instance “3 posts to go for 60 posts” . And me here, since i’m involving my self with this stuff, there is about 63 posts on my WordPress. Oh yea, compared to my Blogspot, still, it’s to far away to reach my current posts there. =..=’

then, what I like being here, is this WordPress keep on telling me what is my best day, and I’m  “uhhh wow! I really appreciate it! ^^

and what’s the great things is there is still some people who still like-ing on my entry,I appreciate it !. Even though I don’t know them, they don’t know me, they still come here, to see my posts or maybe some of my picture that i’d post on this WP.

Since, i know, my choice of being here, made me feel a-little-lonely ( because there’s no one I know here, accept one of my bestie, Myen ) but it’ll not demoralizing me from post-ing more entry. Ohh and, even though there’s no person want to comment on my entry, ohh not like that, there’s one friend who want to comment on my WordPress, but he can’t, and me don’t know what is wrong with my wordpress? =(  =D but its okeh. I’m still ok even though there’s no one want to comment on your post.
because, what  me do here is sharing, writing, and telling people about my-not-a-princess-story life. ehe =D


#whatever it is, what I know is, WordPress was so fcuking great! like it! =DD
#broken English, but who cares? there’s no English teacher here =p





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