I’m a Malaysian. How about you?



hahhhh WordPress. Aku baru sedar sesuatu nih. sini kau, ke sini dengar. #eh lupa pulak, yang wordpress ni mana pandai bercakap kan? hehe. Aku sahaja yang bercakap-cakap dekat sini. Yahh. A K U.

Ohh by the way, I want to say Thank You to all wordpress-er that have followed me here. Thanks a lots. I know we come from a different country. I appreciate that the fact that you guys still want to follow this not-so-popular-wordpress-er’s blog. hehehe *apalah aku cakap nih kan? ini English translation, directt directt! ;p*

I follow you guys later ok? Lets be friends :))) ewahhhh. hehehe If you want to study malay language you can find me. *ewahhhhh kemain aku kan?*

I’d noticed that my followers always ‘like’ what I’ve posts on my this WP. I’m not really sure if you huys understand Malay well, but I really appreciate that there’s still someone somewhere liked my post here. Sorry, I have a bad English ^..^’

I’m still new here, till now, there’s only 170 posts that I’d done on this blog. Newbie. I tried to write in English because I know most of my follower used English on their posts. ย I hope they’ll understand what I’m saying here. hehe

this is me ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok let me introduce my self. I’m a Muslim. ย My name is Siti Syakirah Saidi. Born in 9 December 1991. I’m 2o years old on this year, and will be 21 years old on the end of this year. *belit-belit pulak aku cakap kan?*

I’m a Malaysian. Staying in one of the states in Malaysia which is Sabah,Borneo. Just finished my Diploma In Banking in UiTM Sabah. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

I love EAT, Reading novels, singing, sleeping and so on, there’s lots of it. but this is my top 4 favourite. yihaaa ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m a girl (of course) ;p lived in a peacefull village called Kg. Timbang Dayang, Kota Belud, Sabah. I still have both of my parents, Alhamdulillah. Five siblings including me.

I love laughing, smiling, crying. yeah. That’s me.


I know I’m not alone on this world. Allah, families, friends..they’re always there for me :’)


aku mana pandai cakap BI, di sebabkan follower aku bukan main lagi cakap org putih jadi aku rasa aku patut rajinkan diri masuk blog diorangm study English. bila aku mahu maju kan? ishh2




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