Hari ini 05/01/2013 – Contracts

Bismillah, hello. Assalamualaikum.

Ini post pertama aku pada tahun baru ini. 1 hb hari tuh befday bapa aku. Happy befday dad!
Dan esok 6 hb adalah paper kedua aku. personal Development. Tapi pada masa ini aku study untuk Fiqh Muamalat. Harap PD boleh goreng punya. hhahaha. kbai. =…=

Tadi aku study dekajp di tangga wing SAB C. Duduk-duduk  tengok tangga-tangga-tengok-aku sambil study FM.

Dan apa yang study di luar tuh? Mari aku cerita sini, aku just tulis apa yang aku ingat lah ok?

Types of contract.

1.Unilateral contract – yang mana contrak between ONE party only. Contract that is made which involving 1 party only. Contohnya, kalau yang hari tuh d kelas ustaz cakap kalau kau beli di vending machine tuh, one party lah tuh.

2. Bilateral contract – a contract or agreement where it involve 2 or more party were both of them under the obligation  to perform each part of the contract. Contohnya : Aci jual handphone pada Aca pada harga rm2000 upon certain terms while Aca accepts the offer with all the term and conditions made.

3. Quasi contract – it is not a consensual contract but an obligation arise. Contohnya ; a man appoints an administrator for his estates to manage his property in his behalf after his death. wakil mungkin kan?


apa lagi yang aku ingat aku study d luar tadi.emmmmm

1. Valid contract/Sahih Contract – a contract which its essence is according/inline with the shariah laws and a contract which has legal effects.
The contract can be considered VALID when the contract fulfill the requirement needed under the law of shariah -> free from unlawful /prohibited elements.- no babi no khamr (wine)

#Apa yang perlu ada dalam contract tuh 

  • Offer & acceptance
    Offer (Ijab) – any signal from the first party ( by word, action, sign)  which indicates his or her agreement towards the contract.
    Acceptance (Qabul) – any signal form the 2nd party ( by word, action, sign) which indicates his / her agreement towards the party
    They said that, Ijab made by SELLER and Qabul made by the BUYER.
  • Buyer and Seller (contracting parties)
    ENTITY who enters into a binding agreement / contract with one or more other contracting party and thus accepts the benefits and obligations specified therein.
    Able to involve into the contract.
    Sane ( must mentally sound of mind when involve into the contract, sebab kalau kau gila/ boleh jadi tuh contract VOID/TERBATAL)
    Mature – at stage where u can differentiate between good or bad. If minor, mesti kena ada parents tuk tolong belikan.
  • Price
    harga itu kita tahu.
    Quantified (maklum) – the measure unit of the price should be known.
  • Delivery?possession of the good.
    -terima tuh barang on that time u made the contract juga.


VOID CONTRACT/ Batil Contract

Any agreement/contract that doesn’t fulfill the condition that is needed in making a contract lawful. / UNLAWFUL in the perspective of Syariah.
According to Majellecontracts which is not good in his foundation.

#Circumstances that cause a contract to be VOID
1. Contract that contains uncertainty
2. contracts that contain mistakes – contoh, Aco mau beli cincin emas, tapi rupanya bukan emas tapi gangsa, orang tuh salah jual. hahahaha. 
3.Parties of the contract is either one is/ with incapable – maksudnya salah satu parti yang involve dalam contract tuh ndak ada kebolehan , kelayakan (alhiyyah) tuk enter itu contract. contoh kau buat contract dengan orang gila, sah ka nda? ndak sah. Its void.
4. Object is unlawful – contohnya kau buat contract selling wine n babi. Contoh kau jual sinalau bakas, itu salah d sisi islam punya contract.
5. Contract made without consideration. – macam kita tahu itu contract to be valid , mestilah have both MUTUAL CONSENT between the parties involved. kalau ndak? VOID.

Effect of void contract 
1. buyers will not have the title to the subject matter
2.Seller will not have title to price
3.No transfer of ownership
4.Transaction will be VOID.
5. If the good DELIVERY HAS BEEN MADE, it must be RETURNED to the seller.

VOIDABLE CONTRACT – Hanafi jak yang kata ada voidable ni.

It is a contract or agreement whereby one of the parties has the free OPTIONS of either with continuing the contract or cancelled it.

Ok tuh jak, kejap lepas nih aku ssambung pula dengan Types of Property. (^▽^)


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