Cow pat tarts



I first visited Malaysia when I was three years old. I have a lot of memories from that trip [Orangutans! Exotic fruit! My brother pushing me off the top of a bunk bed!] but I don’t recall cow dung piles. Which despite the name doesn’t involve hanging out with livestock in a paddock.

A cow dung pile is a famous pastry originating from Sandakan (which is in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia). Basically it’s a small flattish butter cake with a custard and meringue topping. They’re now increasingly known under the name of UFO tarts which doesn’t seem half as fun. The literal Cantonese name for the tart translates to cow dung piles.

I prefer to call them cow pat tarts as it sounds slightly more appetising and a little less like an veterinarian’s diagnosis.

The baked cow pat tarts

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